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Client Information

Reading Ahead is a programme run by The Reading Agency. It is designed for people aged 16+ who are not confident or regular readers. The charity’s vision and objective is to change attitudes to reading, both in print and online and to inspire less confident readers to get into the habit of reading. By taking part in Reading Ahead, participants are challenged to read six things.


To rebrand marketing material in a simple clean and bright way to appeal to the target audiences of people who struggle with literacy and support facilitators of the programme. The design needed to follow strict brand guidelines and standout in a crowded library setting or when shown to participants in schools, prisons or the workplace. It also needed to comply with a range of accessibility considerations and a diverse target audience including prisoners/young offenders, those from Black Minority Ethnic communities, guest and migrant workers/ESOL learners and also young people with a literacy need.

Our Solution

Our design incorporated a bright yellow background for instant visual impact and memorability in environments with crowded literature (e.g, Libraries, Schools etc). Our representation of the programme introduced a sense of enjoyment, fun and skill achieved in reading by creating a ”juggler” inspired illustration. We highlighted the objective to read 6 things and the enjoyment of doing so, with the use of graphic icon examples of reading materials. The Reading Agency launched Reading Ahead 2015-16 and unveiled their report to literacy policymakers including Skills Minister Nick Boles MP at 11 Downing Street on 9th September 2015 

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