About Us

We’re Biomimetic


Inspiration is all around us. It just so happens we found ours in nature.

The microscopic little critter called a Waterbear is a bit of a hero in our camp.

It keeps going under pressure that would crush species a hundred million times its size.

It can operate in intense heat and still keep its cool.

It can even go 10 years without food and drink and survive in space for crying out loud!

So our namesake has given us a bit of living up to do.

We’re a happy combination of commercial thinkers and creatives who understand how to use design to drive sales.

We believe in excellence, it’s the only thing that really stands the test of time. 

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Our Vision

Who we are

An energetic bunch of sharp thinking creative people, with a strong commercial approach.

We offer great ideas both in and out-of scope – some of our best designs emerge because we are approachable and we are generous with our time and creativity.

We deliver work that gets you noticed and helps grow your business.

What We Want

Clients who genuinely want to work as a team and who aren’t afraid to try something new.

We love helping new businesses get started or supporting existing companies in refreshing their identity to help them grow their business.

If you want a fresh perspective and a collaborative team to help with your in-house projects, we’ll fit right in and we’ll make the process seamless.

We want to work with people who value people.

What We Can Give

We make life easier for our clients. We start by understanding your business, and your plans for growth.

We pay attention to the smallest of details. That’s the best way to create compelling stories and powerful designs that drive action.

Our Skills

There’s no denying, we’re small, but our experience is vast.

Between us, we’ve clocked up over 100 years working across every sector imaginable. Public and private. Big corporations and charities. SMEs and solopreneurs. We understand businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We’re innovative, media-neutral and locally and globally minded. But most of all we combine the commercial and the creative in everything we do.

Our Offer

Powerful ideas, creative storytelling and original designs that drive action.

No matter how big our client is, or the size of their budget, we deliver ideas with impact.